J. Alex Swift (1895)

Big Sock Hunting

In the daily dozen resolution I made for you at the start of the year I mentioned an obscure British sock maker called J. Alex Swift. I'm pleased to say that I managed to get some of their socks in my cross hairs and bagged them. (How's your daily dozen going, by the way?)

You can see some green Swift woollen ones above, with my dependable suede brogues. Don't let anyone tell you that suede shoes wear out quickly. The ones you see are teenagers and have had at least four 'sole transplants' in that time. They're still running well for a weekend gad about.

The other Swift socks you see below are of a Donegal wool, which I'm very keen on. They look terrific with my Cheaney country shoes with grained leather. They're in the wash, otherwise I'd have taken another photo to show you. More Donegal socks for next winter, please, sock people.

About J. Alex Swift

John Alexander Swift established his sock making business in the Leicestershire village of Hathern in 1895. The company remains family-owned — with 3rd and 4th-generation Swifts at the helm — and it is still based in Hathern making English socks as an independent company. Music to Tweedy's ears.

They specialise in the manufacture of mohair and alpaca socks, with hand linking. Do seek them out.


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