Tweed Magazin mit Der Tweed Pig

Page 113 of Tweed Magazin

The February edition of Tweed Magazin popped through the letterbox last week. I'm yet to find a better way of avoiding working than flicking trough the pages of Der Tweed. This month's edition features an excellent selection of reviews, articles and recommendations for the tweed-inclined. I flicked through a trouser special, a lengthy article on the timeless appeal of Steve McQueen's style, a useful guide to Zurich, advice on sampling rum, plus a rather excellent feature on traditional watchmakers.

Plenty of material to aid procrastination. But there came a tea-spilling moment when I reached page 113. I adjusted my reading glasses. Was this right? Yes  — The Tweed Pig was being featured in Tweed Magazin.

Naturally, I removed my corduroy trousers, my Alden All Weather Walker shoes — more on them later —  and my Burlington knee-length Argyle socks (licensed to Falke in Europe) to create a photo assemblage that properly captured the moment.

What does Tweed Magazin have to say about The Tweed Pig on that very special page 113? Well, it says that The Tweed Pig places its slightly eccentric focus on rarities rather than fashion trends. And will appeal to like-minded Anglophiles. That is entirely our aim.

Tasting Note: I paired Tweed Magazin with a white chocolate made with crushed cardamom pods by Nomnom Chocolate of Carmarthenshire, the aromatic spiciness of the cardamom and the creaminess of the chocolate complementing the male-focussed lifestyle articles perfectly.

More on Nomnom Chocolate shortly.


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