Liam Nomnom - Welsh Chocolate Man

The Chocolate Man in the Smashing Cardigan

The chap in the photograph above is Liam Burgess. At the age of eighteen, he started his own small business, Nomnom chocolate (as featured with Tweed magazin recently). Nomnom chocolate launched in November 2011 with financial assistance from Prince Charles' Prince's Trust. It is not said enough how much help Prince Charles' trust gives to young British entrepreneurs. Get politicians out of the way and great things can be achieved.

Liam started the business in his kitchen in Carmarthenshire, Wales, using the best ingredients and Welsh inspiration. The business continues to grow — which has meant that Liam could employee local people from West Wales — and new and innovative lines continue to be added to the range of chocolate bars Nomnom Chocolate produce, such as Welsh Cake, made with, well, you guessed it.

You won't find the chocolate in supermarkets. Liam, as an independent producer, uses a network of independent shops to stock his bars —creating a virtuous circle of mutual support.

Liam also wears smashing cardigans like the one above. Very nice.


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