The Ugly Truth About Storing Pills

I'm sure you are the sort of person who needs an organ to fail before you will consider seeing a GP, and only then with profuse apologies for wasting their invaluable time. You understand that a dose of aspirin and a splash of whisky in your tea will see you through most ailments.

Rather than keeping those reliable little pills in a beaten-up old box and a blister pack, you might want to keep an eye on the better auction houses for a nice pill box to place about your person or keep on your bathroom shelf next to your lovely copper bath.

Who'd have thought pill-popping could be so refined?

Mussel Gold and Enamel Pill Box

Above you see a nice vintage mussel-shaped pill box from Tiffany in enamel and gold. I forget who auctioned one of these recently, but they're not hard to spot in a crowd.

Engine-Turned Georgian Pill Box

Here's a Georgian (1812) London-made pill box in engine-turned 18ct gold auctioned by Christie's (1766).

Gold and Opal Pill Box

Finally, a 1950 gold and opal pill box made by Cartier in 1953 auctioned by Sotheby's (1744).


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