Bulletproof 32oz Tweed Jackets from Oliver Brown

Immortal Hacking Jackets

Wool is used for creating hard-wearing and insulating cloth in multitudes of colours and thickness in British mills. You can have cloth that runs from the fineness of Scabal's super 250 Summit to something as heavy-duty as these 32 oz keeper's tweed jackets from Oliver Brown.

I wouldn't like to try it, but I imagine the tweed on these jackets could stop a bullet. I think it is fair to say, though, that it would be nigh on impossible to wear the jackets out. Much like the 80-year-old hunting pink jacket featured recently, it's always a nice feeling to invest in an item of clothing that will be last longer than yourself.

The traditionally cut and rather smart Hunt Coat (above) has the added benefit of a wool Tattersall check lining. I can see Steed being happy to wear that on or off a horse with a pair of cream tapered trousers and a pair of Jodhpur boots by Horace Batten.

Real men wouldn't blanch at a 32 oz weight jacket. More 32 oz jackets for next winter please British manufacturers. Not much more weight than that though, otherwise we'll be walking around like Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. (And that's not the Wizard of Ounce.)


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