Fearless Collars from Edward Sexton

A Collar that Speaks Its Mind

Edward Sexton has given a lot of consideration to achieving as flattering an effect from their current line of ready-to-wear dress shirts as is possible. The collars are tall so that they sit elegantly around the neck well under a jacket. As any mod will tell you, deep collars are best. The points of the collars are deep too, recalling the shirting salad days of the thirties. These are bold shirt collars — don't be shy with your collars, gents. And the collars are built to give the tie pride of place with tabs and pins to help lift and separate, pushing the tie into magisterial prominence. These collars are designed to say, 'There is nothing casual about me. If you want casual I'm sure there's a shop in the high street that sells flip-flops and hoodies. Now clear off.' I like a collar that speaks its mind.

The seams of the shirt are single-stitched and have set-in sleeves that fit entirely smoothly against the body without puckers. As any tailor will tell you, a faultless finish on a set-in sleeve requires the process to be slowed down — it can't be rushed.

In blue and white combinations, my favourites are the Sky Blue Tab Collar (below) and the Mid-Blue Bengal Stripe Pin Collar (above). Imagine them with Thurston braces. For my grey suit, I would be happy to see either of these in red.

What are you waiting for? Go get 'em.


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