The London Shoemaker

If you like the look of these shoes, you need to get in touch with The London Shoemaker — based in smalltown Boyce, Virginia, Unites States.

The London Shoemaker, Paul Davies — who was trained in London under the names of the best shoemakers around St James's — moved to the US and is now putting Boyce on the map with his vast experience of shoemaking, and his appreciation of the materials and time-honoured techniques required to make quality shoes. London Shoemaker shoes are made fully bespoke. Paul does the measuring and the carving of lasts by hand. He cuts the patterns and leathers, and constructs the shoes.

The London Shoemaker and Customer Store in Boyce also sells gents clothing and accessories.

As a parting shot, take a look at these alligator and calf shoes in black — rather bloody splendid.


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