Matching Scarf with Sky

Add a Splash of Summer to Your Winter Wardrobe

On a grey and dismal day, this British-made scarf by Paul Smith in 'David Icke' turquoise cuts through the grey gloom — and the grey of my dogstooth Mackintosh in Loro Piana storm system wool — like a streak of summer sky. Turquoise, like burgundy and the plummy end of purple, is made for grey. And we certainly have enough grey with the UK climate.

More colour from a limited edition English-made check shirt by Turnbull & Asser. For many years I was a white-or-blue-shirt-only kind of chap, but now I'm going through a patterned-shirt phase (mostly at the weekends) like there is no tomorrow. (Alan Whicker worked patterns so well and in such an English way.)

This is quite a dark shirt. I wouldn't normally consider such depth of colour at that layer — it limits the choice of neck ties and what comes on top — but you really have to touch the cloth on this one, it's incredibly soft. Softness matters.


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