English Sparkling Wine for St Valentine's Day - Ridgeview Grosvenor

World-Class Wine from the South Downs of England

We could start a whole sub-section on top-quality English champagne sparkling wine makers. And this might well be the start. I enjoy a nice glass of 'shampoo'. (If any grower-producers would like the, ahem, Tweed Towers Wine Club to sample their offerings...)

The misconception that any French champagne is by default better than any English sparkling wine has been truly shattered in recent years, and there is now high demand and regard for the best of the English producers.

Take for instance the Ridgeview Grosvenor, our recommendation for your amorous endeavours on the 14th. This multi-award winner is a 2011 vintage blanc de blancs sparkler with an 'excellent mousse' and a 'fruitful nose which hints of honey and toast'.

Ridgeview Wine Estate was founded in 1996 by Mike and Chris Roberts, and is based in Sussex. A family business — our favourite type — a second-generation of the Roberts family is now involved so that we may look forward to more fine vintages.

To quote Berry Bros & Rudd (1698) on this wine, 'It is now a self-evident truth that the best English wines are better than the majority of Champagnes, and this one is probably the best English sparkling wine of all.'  Take that Reims.

Quote this fact to your sweetheart (without attribution) as you pour them a glass and you're bound to get their heart racing with your assured discernment.


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