In the Mood...for the Library

We are in the mood for learning at The Tweed Pig. They say life's the thing, but we prefer reading. And where better to read than a library?

We will ensconce ourselves in a quiet alcove, blow the dust from a leather tome, and invoke that heady sensation of drowsy and scholarly for a couple of hours. Quiet please.

(Painting is 'Interior with Young Man Reading' by Danish painter Vilhelm Hammershøi)

Private White VC Sports Harris Tweed Jacket

The Merchant Fox - Wool Silk Pocket Square

Johnstons of Elgin - Cashmere Aran Cable Shawl Collar Cardigan

DAKS - Regent Classic Fit Shirt

Drake's London - Silk Knitted Tie

Cordings of Piccadilly - Corduroy Trousers

Albert Thurston - Braces

E. Tautz - Socks

Edward Green - Shoes

Crombie - Cashmere Lined Camel Deerskin Gloves

Gizzi Leather - Leather Satchel

Linley - Time Hourglass

London Undercover - Oxford City Umbrella


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