Cooper Hackett Single Speed Bike

The Revolution will be Two-Wheeled

The chrome-finished single-speed racer above is the result of a collaboration between British cycle engineers Cooper Bikes and Hackett. Cooper Bikes was founded in 2009 by Mike Cooper. Mike is the son of John Cooper of the famous Cooper Car Company who built the racing cars driven by the likes of Sir Stirling Moss and conceived the Mini Cooper.

Mike says of their design ethos: "The Cooper name is synonymous with great design, quality, affordability and above all, an element of fun." 

...And Possibly Single-Speed

The bicycle is single-speed, beloved of mail messengers in dense urban hubs who appreciate the advantage of its lightness and efficiency; a simpler gear system is, they say, more reliable when whizzing through snarled up traffic and irritating envious car drivers.

The Hackett Cooper Single Speed may be configured for 'single speed freewheel' or 'fixed wheel' riding. I won't bore you with those distinctions — what do you mean I don't know? — rather I will divert your gaze to the lovely Hackett Cooper emblem below. Such seemingly small details will tell you all you need to know about the thought and workmanship that goes into something.

Note too the mustard-coloured Brooks saddle and leather handlebar tape; also the traditional 'gum wall' tyres. We want this bike.


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