Dunhill Trouser Fun

Dunhill Trousers

I don't know if it's because of the cold, but I'm needing to look at photographs of lightweight trousers right now. You might feel the same way.

Dunhill has helped with some of the images from their spring and summer campaign. The collection — says Creative Director at Dunhill John Ray  —  is inspired by the theme of escape and an insouciant approach to combining clothes when travelling. An approach they might describe in Spain as 'ande yo caliente riase la gente.' Roughly translated as, 'as long as I'm warm, I don't care if people laugh'; or in this case, 'as long as I'm comfortable on my travels, I don't care what I'm wearing'.

I'm particularly taken with the cream cotton trousers matched with the cashmere/silk polo here:

And the beige woollen estate check cloth used for the trousers of this suit:

Also nice to see that the tasselled loafer continues to resonate.

It all looks completely and respectably wearable to me. Judging by what they're wearing, and sometimes that's the only thing we can use in our assessments (despite what others might say), these chaps would be welcome at Tweed Towers any time.

They may tuck a scarf into their shirt, and don't we all at some stage, but they are not going to put their feet on your sofa or spill the tea you serve.

Dunhill Plays Britten

I might have to rescind the open invite to Tweed Towers. We have video evidence of furniture inappropriateness in the video below. And of reading newspapers upside-down. It's simply not on.

Then again, the video is meant to celebrate Dunhill man's 'time at home in sartorial requiescence'. They can do as they please in their own home, I suppose. I need to think about this one.

Benjamin Britten's Playful Pizzicato [Amazon] provides the frolicsome soundtrack.


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