Sheep, Shape and London Fashion - Hackett

Hackett the Good Shepherd

I'm not sure how involved Jeremy Hackett is with the now Spanish-owned company he built selling second-hand tweeds. The Hackett Sheep, Shape and London Fashion collection is described as Jeremy's capsule collection for A/W 2015. So I imagine he's hands-on with this one.

The twelve-piece collection 'pays homage to the prestigious long-standing textile mills in Britain that continue to create the finest wools available worldwide.' A worthy homage.

Hackett and our dear friends at Fox Brothers of Somerset took ownership of a flock of Wensleydale sheep a few years ago. The sheep were farmed near to Fox and their fleece has now been used to create the Tommy Nutter-inspired checked and patterned fabrics used in the collection. Raw material and manufacturing all in the same county — a good thing.

Tweedy's favourites from the collection:

Jeremy Hackett Looking at Cloth

We were only talking about the death of the pinstripe suit in Britain recently weren't we? Yet here we see (top and below) Jeremy leading from the front with a terrific three-piece number. Tell your tailor — pinstripe is back.


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