Miss Marple Looks Ravishing - Folio Society

Throw on Your Glasses

The Folio Society understands the emotional response we get from seeing a beautifully bound and illustrated book. Immediately, we want to grasp it, carefully spread the cover, throw on our glasses and start leafing like mad.

Who would claim that this is not their instant reaction on seeing Murder at the Vicarage above? Has Miss Marple ever looked more ravishing?  The book is part of a set of four Miss Marple novels Folio has put together, also including The Body in the Library, A Pocket Full of Rye and Sleeping Murder.

The books are bound in buckram with delightful cover and internal illustrations by Andrew Davidson. Agatha Christie would no doubt approve that the books are solid enough to be used as murder weapons in their own right.

Nordic noir on a Kindle or Jane Marple in a Folio edition? I know which we prefer. And if you want to be with it, I suggest you make your choice wisely (hint: Folio/Marple).

Word on the street is that we may get more box sets from Folio to complete the Marple collection. I do hope so.


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