Climbing Mount Everest #2 - Sunspel Thermals

Thermals from Sunspel

My enthusiasm to climb Mount Everest is dimming slightly since the hat post. I have managed to secure some good thermals though. Do they call it the base layer in mountaineering circles?

What you see is a merino wool long-sleeved undershirt and long johns set from Sunspel. Woollen underwear is highly insulating and breathable, but with low air permeability say the experts. Basically it's a good choice of underwear when it's cold.

These English-made long johns are decidedly old-school. The cotton canvas 'girdle' has some neat little adjusters as there is no elastic in the waist.

I've tested them out at Tweed Towers whilst we've been having this cold snap and I've been as warm as toast; and it's a comfortable wear, like a tailor has created a bespoke body-hugging blanket suit that has all the give required not to feel restricted in any way.


  1. Hello Mr Tweed, long time reader, first time poster. How would one go about acquiring these thermals? They look vintage?



    1. Hello Lloyd. Good to hear from you. They're new , but the vintage-ness was what appealed. They were bought a couple of seasons ago, so you might not get an exact match. Sunspel do have plain wool thermals on their web site, but if you want like these it might be worth contacting them to see if they still have any in stock? Best wishes and good luck, Tweedy.


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