Say it with Flowers - Beaufort & Blake

Our Little Secret

I know you're a no-nonsense plain underwear man as a rule, but come on, look at these floral boxer shorts from Beaufort and Blake. It could put a fair old spring in your step wearing them under your grey worsted work suit. Say it with flowers, old stick.

I don't know much about Beaufort and Blake, but it's commendable that these boxer shorts are made in England. They come with a nice little bag too. Everything should come with a nice little bag.

If I have a general aesthetic point to make. I don't think it's necessary to put web addresses on clothing labels. If we've bought you, we can find you.

They say they make a "perfect girl's pyjamas". But where's the top? Oh, I see. Tweedy's face starts to redden rapidly. Harrumphing, he lifts up his newspaper to cover his blushes.


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