A Very British Teba - S.E.H. Kelly

Single Button Blazer

Remember we discussed Teba jackets in the mini-series on Madrid? A bit more to come on Madrid, by the way. I mention because the moment I saw the Rope-dyed Indigo One-button Blazer from good friends S.E.H. Kelly, I immediately thought: "A very British Teba." Made in the UK, with British materials, it echoes the Teba in the soft structure and the rounded shape of the lapel. Possibly.

It's always a treat to describe a Kelly product, because they go to so much trouble in sourcing the best British materials. The blazer is made from rope-dyed cotton woven in London, with a lining of natural linen from Lancashire. Rope-dying is the process of twisting the yarn into rope and dip-dying the rope until it is saturated with the dye. Don't think of this blazer as denim, by the way.

The left patch pocket on the front has some inner compartments to keep things handy. A cigar cutter and a tin of Simpkins Nipits have rights to two of them. I know you, you're thinking of something precautious. As long as it's tucked away, nobody need know.


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