Fight Austerity with Decadence - Cognac Ring

The English Take Their Pleasures Sadly

With the West broke, and austerity being the watchword in Europe, any self-respecting sybarite has to fight for the right to take their pleasures. Fight austerity with decadence, whatever the 'roundheads' in charge say.

Designed for Seduction

Industrial designer, Merve Kharaman, responded to a design brief from Remy Martin to link the enjoyment of cognac to the art of seduction; the way brandy seduces the senses. As a result, she conceived the Seduction Series of glassware that is worn as jewellery. Seduction to the point of wanton, says I.

What a delightful sense of playfulness. The practicality is not immediately obvious, but you certainly won't need to worry about where you put your glass at a party.


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