Bradley Wiggins' New Bike - Abici

It Still Exists

Back when a million visitors to The Tweed Pig seemed like an absurd notion, we showed the cigarette card above for an article about William Lennon cycling shoes. It was probably seen by six people, not counting my grandmother.

I'm pleased to say that we've passed a million very discerning visitors since then, but more importantly, the bike shown on the card — the Velocino — is still in production in Italy today.

Our Italian chums at Abici have re-created the Velocino from the original 1930s design, but using today's technology. All their bikes are hand-built in Italy.

It is now possible to re-create the picture in the card. Abici has the trouser straps too. It might be a struggle, mark you, to achieve that particularly Italian level of insouciance.

Gripping Wood

I have the self-awareness to realise that I'll never be the next Bradley Wiggins — our first mod sporting hero. Dressing me in day-glow lycra and putting me on a hand-built titanium racing bike will not change this. So give me the comfort and enjoyment of cruising in the upright position of a touring bike any day. And Abici has some terrific models to choose from, actually.

Take a look at the Amante Uomo Gold Edition below. It comes in British racing green or tasteful cream, with gold-plated details. The model has the obligatory Brooks saddle, and a handlebar with wooden handle grips and a newspaper holder. Perfect for a two-wheeled 'stroll'.


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