Loro Piana go to LVMH - Panic Ensues

Tweedy Shows His Metaphorical Underwear - Again

This article turned out to be a behind-the-scenes of a behind-the-scenes look at The Tweed Pig a few days ago, as some of you got to see the 'sketches' published prematurely before old Tweedy had properly put keyboard to pixel. I'd like to say this was the first time it's happened, but it's not. Being impossible to sack myself, let's look at these incidents, and any that follow, as endearing gaffes.

I'll put this particular mistake down to 'holiday brain' - it's a bit soft at the moment and needs warming up a bit. All it has needed to decide on for the past few weeks is what to choose from restaurant menus. And it managed to get that wrong on many occasions. Silly brain.

On with the article...

The Making of the Tweed Pig Break Photo #1 - Hackett Jacket

We're going to take you, ahem, on a behind-the-scenes journey to explain a little about the magic that goes into making The Tweed Pig and describe how The Tweed Pig break photo came about.

I've mentioned on several occasions that I live with a deep fear that brands I like will disappear through under-appreciation. In fact, that's how The Tweed Pig came to be. This means I buy more from these brands than could be deemed justifiable. Same too with cloth.

On hearing that LVMH had bought Loro Piana, my first thought was that all their lovely cloth would be going in-house for the likes of Dior, Marc Jacobs, Loewe, Givenchy, Thomas Pink and on and on. All lovely brands in their own right, I'm sure, but they don't tend to make it into Tweedy's hallowed wardrobe.

I knew Hackett currently had some summer jackets in Loro Piana cloth, so rushed out to panic-buy one. The cloth is lovely. It's a silk, wool and linen mix in just the right proportions - not much linen. The jacket needed some adjustments from my tailor, but it's a reasonable fit. On the whole pleased. The jacket, it was decided, would be used in the Tweed Pig break photo.

But what tie to put with it? Agony. We'll talk about the tie in part two. You won't want to miss it. And if you stay tuned, you might even see it before you're meant to.

Tweedy's Note: Hackett use the best British clothmakers too. We try and give coverage to cloth makers when we can. Please get in touch if you're small mill and you don't think we've covered you yet.

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