God Loves Hair - Murdock London

Murdock London - Demon Barbers of London

Debate may rage in the scientific community about the practicality and function of a thatch of hair that continually grows on the bonce. The philosophers may come to blows debating its importance in self-identity. What about nicely cut and groomed hair on the head just looking nice? That may be the only reason we retained it.

With the great social importance of the haircut you choose, you need to make sure you employ the right scissorman to maintain it. And the big talk in London barbering circles right now is of Murdock London. I have monstrously hirsute pals who are singing the praises of the service they receive.

Murdock is taking on the established Mayfair names with a classic approach to gentlemen's barbering in five London branches. For instance, you can get a traditional wet shave, have your moustache trimmed and waxed and your shoes shined on the premises. I see this latter offering as a rebuff to trainer-clad scruffbags. The wet shave is with an open razor and hot towels. Splendid stuff. I think back only a few years and these sorts of options were rapidly dying out in barbershops around the country.

Naturally, Murdock has added its name to many quality grooming accessories. That's their own-label moustache comb above (made in England by our friends at Abbey Horn). That's their Patchouli Cologne below. "A stimulating mix of spices inspired by the free-thinking style of the great British bohemian tradition."


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