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Residual traces of summer remain inside our hearts, but the chill winds of autumn have begun. Tree branches tap at the sash windows of Tweed Towers, Wuthering Heights-style, taunting me to pull my finger out and really get back to work.

To be suitably dressed and create the right impression in the workplace — and we're only talking about impressions here  — all that we described in a previous back to work article still stands. Get it right and you'll come across as the industrious go-getter you might not necessarily be. This is to your advantage.

So you have your bowler hat, your brolly and all your classic work essentials, but you may want to tweak a little now and again. Let's consider a refresh of the bag you pack your FT, specs, holiday brochures, sandwiches and quarter of mint imperials in.

English Briefcase from New England

The English Briefcase above and below, from New England-based Lotuff Leather of Connecticut, has the craftmanship and materials you look for. Built to last in bridle leather, there are two compartments (or bellows) inside and a zip pocket. Brass fittings. Made in the U.S.A..

Buckingham Briefcase from Old England

The Buckingham Leather Briefcase, from old friends Tusting of Buckinghamshire, is a semi-rigid 'three-bellowser'. Available in black and various brown bridle leathers supplied by Miret of Spain. Nickel fittings. Cleverly, the briefcase has quick-release clasps behind those buckles. Made in England.

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