Joshua Ellis - Man of the Cloth

Joshua Ellis 1767

That's a nice suit you're wearing for breakfast. Nice drape on the cloth. Who made it? No, not the suit, the fabric. Don't know? Judging by the quality, I'd hazard a guess that it came from one of the many British heritage mills we feature at The Tweed Pig.

I'm constantly amazed by the age of some of the mills we feature, some almost from page one of the industrial revolution - which began in Great Britain, as you'll know from school.

Look at Joshua Ellis. Established in 1767. Georgian England. Incidentally, the great Stoke-on-Trent potters Spode also founded in the same year.

Joshua Ellis is based in Batley, Yorkshire, England. It specialises in the design, manufacture and finishing of cashmere products, and other exquisite fabrics like vicuña, Angora and camelhair. They weave and finish jacketing and coating fabrics for many of the world’s top clothing brands (Hermes, Louis Vuitton, YSL, Ralph Lauren).

Buy a Bit of Yorkshire Weaving History

Joshua Ellis also make cashmere accessories, mainly scarves, for other brands. But they also make scarves under their own label. So you can get your hands directly on a bit of Ellis history. Look out for that J.E. label in your favourite gent's outfitters. To make it easier they'll be re-launching their web site later this year and an online shop is in the pipeline.

Home Furnishing - a New Development

The home furnishing part of Joshua Ellis' business is new and relatively small, but they have recently started a collaboration with Carolyn Parker, a successful interior designer and have produced a range of cashmere fabrics and throws under the Carolyn Parker for Joshua Ellis label.

Joshua Ellis - after 245 years a name to look out for.


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