Common People Clothing

Common People Clothing

Common People Clothing is the newish London-based clothing label launched by Kestin Hare, former head designer at Nigel Cabourn.

Kestin cites the "movement back to provenance" as one of its founding principles (and also a tenet of The Tweed Pig). We crave real, we crave craftsmanship and we crave authentic. We also crave Victoria sponge cake, but that's another matter. Bea's Tea Rooms is a recent find for cake - wow, that is some good Victoria sponge. I'm now hungry, so apologies if the remainder of the post seems a little rushed.

Emphasis on Quality Materials

It's not often that you hear the term 'locally-sourced' applied to clothes, food yes, but that's how Common People Clothing approach the materials they use. And we hope the term catches on in the clothing industry. We want more labels showing the clothmakers and the finishers even. The design approach and aesthetic at Common People Clothing is very materials-led, in the same way a good chef would conceive a dish.

Mackinaw Jacket

I think you'll like Common People's take on the Mackinaw jacket, another classic coat style for your timeless wardrobe. A Mackinaw jacket is a short, double-breasted coat traditionally made of wool, and has a British army connection (naturally) from the War of 1812 with the U.S. The Common People version is made in the UK and is constructed of British waxed cotton with a nepped woollen shawl collar and leather buttons.


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