Tally Ho! Cycle Tours - See London By Bike

Two Wheels Good - See London by Bike

This is the best idea you've heard in a long time. How about this: cycle tours organised around our great capital city of London on classic British Pashley bicycles and tandems. Seeing London how it should be seen, on two wheels. And on a Pashley at that. I knew you'd be thrilled.

Tally Ho Cycle Tours, who began a couple of years ago, organise three tours around London's sites:
  • Central London Tour
  • East Thames Amble
  • The Royal Loop

You'll like The Royal Loop as it takes in an afternoon tea at a secret tea room.

Tally Ho Cycle Tours also hires bikes if you're a bit of a lone wolf and wish to pedal off and do your own thing. It's up to you, but maybe the option of a tour might help you come out of your shell a bit.

Intelligence on Tally Ho Cycle Tours

My London field operative tells me that Tally Ho are planning murder mystery rides. Like Miss Marple playing Cluedo on wheels. Sounds ruddy good.

Tweedy on Cluedo: Speaking of Cluedo, I've always thought the Colonel Mustard character looked a decent, no-nonsense sort of chap. Splendid moustache. However, there's a steely determination in his eyes. You wouldn't put it past him to bludgeon the Reverend Green, if needs be. 


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