Music to Button a Cardigan By - God Only Knows

The Tweed Pig Does it Slowly

If The Tweed Pig serves no other purpose (and it probably doesn't), it acts as a vehicle for pushing our tastes on people whether they like it or not. A self-indulgent ego trip, if you will. But an ego trip with a destination...

And one thing we hope to get across is that we believe pleasures should be taken slowly. We seek out the slow, such as clothing crafted with care and attention as opposed to hastily constructed fast fashion. Slow means time has been allowed to create something of enduring quality rather than being churned out for instant gratification.

To this end, we've mentioned the clothes of Slowear, we've mentioned the slowfood movement, we may even have mentioned how slow I am to get out of bed in a morning, and now we present the music of The Slow Show.

The Slow Show - God Only Knows

The Slow Show are based in Manchester, England, and craft the brooding vocals of lead singer Rob Goodwin around shimmering folk guitars, which might be accompanied by muted northern brass or strings. The sound is organic and real, introspective yet uplifting. Music showing heart and craft.

The band got in touch with us a few months back. Thinking their sound might be a good fit for our Cardigan series. We discussed clothes in popular music too. More brogues and less high top trainers was the general consensus.

It's early days for the band, but they have the musical talent to develop a truly lasting sound. They're clearly steeped in Americana, but there's a wistful English melancholy there too. I'd like to see that come out a bit more. I'm now thinking they could do a mighty cover of one of the folkier Beatles songs, perhaps You've Got to Hide Your Love Away. Come on chaps, do it for Tweedy.

Straight into the Music to Button a Cardigan By series, then, we bring you The Slow Show's God Only Knows. Lovely opening. Wonderful to hear the brass.

Tweedy's Thought: Are you a good piece of 'cardigan' music? Get in touch. We're too nice to turn you down.


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