John Smedley - The Christmas Box Set

Horror or Delight in the Christmas Box Set

Box sets are wonderful. I'm saving Studio Canal's The Ultimate Hammer Horror for the Christmas break. The TV schedulers have let us down by not showing traditional Christmas ghost stories in recent years, so I'll be scheduling my own late night screenings of old Hammer films. Braces will be pulled from the shoulders, Mrs T will bring on the port and stilton, the party hat will be tilted to one side and I'll be asleep before the films end.

A Christmas box set intended to delight rather than horrify has recently been released by John Smedley. I declare myself Smedley's biggest fan. My wardrobe bulges with their knitwear. I'll never have enough of them. [Dramatic pause] Ever.

Representing Great Britain Box

The box is part of dear Smedley's campaign to showcase their commitment to being British-made and Representing Great Britain. Made from oak, the box contains a Bobby sweater and Thymus scarf in your choice of colour, plus wool wash and a gift voucher. A nice introduction to the world of Smedley, actually.

Tweedy's History Lesson: Let's remind ourselves that John Smedley has been around as a business since 1784. That fact alone should be taught on every design and fashion course in the land. By contrast, France's oldest surviving couture house, Lanvin, was established in 1909. Pah! And while we're on the subject of French couture houses, those same students we're teaching about Smedley should also note that the history of modern French couture starts with the Englishman Charles Worth and his House of Worth. 'Worth' knowing.


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