Johnstons of Elgin - Vicuña Scarf

Johnstons of Elgin - 215th Anniversary

Vicuña Scarf

Odd anniversary, but no doubting the quality of the brown vicuña scarf manufactured to celebrate the 215th year of Johnstons of Elgin - the Scottish woollen mill. Johnstons has its original headquarters in Elgin, Moray, Scotland and its knitwear division manufactures 200 miles south in Hawick, Scottish Borders, with the famous River Tweed running through it.

Vicuña wool, being the finest wool available, has a beautiful soft and warm feel. Vicuña fibres average 12 microns to cashmere's standard 19. Incidentally, Johnstons ensure that their cashmere wool is 16 microns or less, and has a uniform white fleece and long fibres for consistent dyeing and for keeping its shape better. As everyone knows, there is cashmere and there is cashmere. And Johnstons is (heavy intonation) cashmere. In a nutshell, their cashmere is the good stuff.

Lovely scarf. And what better way to celebrate anything than with a drop of vicuña. And I know a certain tweed-clad pig who would appreciate this scarf very much as a surprise gift, for example.

As it is a limited edition, you'll need to hurry if you want one.

Tweedy's Thought: Bitter experience tells me that you should never dither if you spot something that you like and you may not see again. Buy, and regret later if necessary, but buy.


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