Bonsoir - Hardy Amies in Pyjamas

Bonsoir London - Slumber Apparel Since 1926

Bonsoir London has provided nightwear to the great and the drowsy since 1926. Manufacturer and retailer of slumbering apparel, they're based in Somerset, England, and source their fabrics from around the UK, using "cashmere from the Scottish Borders, printed silk from the Peak District and wool woven in Yorkshire".

Bonsoir has collaborated with Liberty and Hardy Amies. In fact, that's a pair of vintage Hardy Amies x Bonsoir pyjamas above. Glorious aren't they? Wild and 70s in style, with a touch of Enter the Dragon about them. One wonders if they're designed purely for a trip to the opium den.

I'm a dyed-in-the-wool traditionalist when it comes to pyjamas. I have no truck with the T-shirt and pyjama bottom 'loungewear' combination. I like a button shirt and there must be a top-fastening button. Usually, the shirt would have a collar, but I make an exception for the vintage Amies shirt. (Surely due a re-release?) Maybe I'm not so dyed-in-the-wool after all? I'll stretch to nightshirts too. But T-shirts for sleeping in? No thank you very much indeed.

Two-Fold Cotton Pyjamas for Summer and Winter

What would we recommend from the secretive Bonsoir's pyjama laboratories?

A pair of the Two-Fold Cotton Pyjamas with Tie Waist (above) would see you good. Made in England, the pyjamas have contrast piping on the patch pockets and sleeves.

And if you live in steamy tropical climes, or visit such places, why not a pair of the short pyjamas?

And for a rebelliously fuddy-duddy touch, why not get a monogram on them too? A monogrammed pyjama is the new sleeve tattoo, if we know popular culture.

Cashmere Dressing Gown with Silk Lining

Okay, so you have your pyjamas. But what are you going to wear on top for that late night Scotch or those kippers at breakfast? That's right, to be as comfortable as it's humanly possible to be, you're going to need one of Bonsoir's cashmere dressing gowns with silk lining. Some nice colours - there's a camel and a deep red 'Bordeaux' (below). The cashmere is Italian. The robe is made to order and you can choose it with or without silk lining. I'd include the silk and I think you would too.


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