Harney and Sons - Tea Sexier than Coffee?

The buckets of dishwater served by Starbucks may have decimated the tea rooms of Britain in recent years, but the cultural exchange has not all been to the detriment of we Brits. I've tried several teas from Harney and Sons, an American tea business based in Salisbury, Connecticut, and I've been very pleasantly surprised. Rather than tipping tea into Boston Harbor [sic], our American cousins now seem to be enjoying quaffing the stuff.

"Wouldn't it be dreadful to live in a country where they didn't drink tea?"
Noel Coward

Harney's Queen Catherine blend is rather nice. The Japanese Sencha green tea likewise. I've even tried a couple of herbal teas, as the others were so good. Not bad at all, although I rarely find I'm in the mood for herbal teas (and it doesn't seem right to dunk a biscuit in one).

Now how to get rid of Starbucks? To start with, Harney and Sons could open a couple of tea rooms over here and remind us why tea became our national drink. Least of all we need to take our custom where better quality tea is served. The UK Tea Council can help us here with its list of favoured tea rooms and tea guild members. Make your voices heard (not too loudly), and clatter your tea cups in protest, tea drinkers of Britain.


  1. Thank you for your kind words. My father was the one that took our teas across the waters to your kind shores. First it was the Dorchester, later all the Historic Royal Palaces (such as The Tower of London), and then Harvey Nichols, so we getting establisher over there.

    Best Wishes, Michael Harney

  2. Thanks for your comment Michael. It's always a pleasure to write of a company that values quality and customer satisfaction. I enjoy your teas greatly. Tweedy.


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