How to Get (Well) Dressed - Patrick Grant

The best dressed man in England? I don't follow best-dressed lists, in fact I don't pay attention to any lists, but, all things being equal, Patrick Grant has to be up there. And some of those names that I suspect are up there certainly shouldn't be — mentioning no footballers or princes.

Advantage and obligation
You might say that he has an advantage, as well as an obligation, being the proprietor of Norton and Sons and E. Tautz. But it was a love of clothes that led him to acquiring the renowned Savile Row tailors, and creating a ready-to-wear menswear house out of E. Tautz - restoring vitality to their esteemed names.

One for the cardiphiles
Speaking as a cardiphile, this double-breasted cardigan from E. Tautz is an eminently wearable and versatile item. Currently available online from Mr Porter. A few other Tautz items there too. Of course, for Norton and Sons you'll need to head to Savile Row.

Can you imagine if every man in the UK paid so much care and attention to their appearance? Is it too much to ask for this video to be part of the school curriculum? Maybe we need a new referendum? (And perhaps a swingeing flip-flop tax whilst we're at it?)  


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