Suitable for the Beach - Bill Amberg

Sumer is icumen in, and I've been looking into things for the beach. I came across this picture from a '20s Spring/Summer catalogue. Perhaps the chaps are a tad overdressed for people's sensibilities today, but it's good to set the bar high.

Nice and sturdy
Bill Amberg has some smashing bags for hols, as well as some lovely leather bags for work. He started his eponymous bag-making and leather-working business in 1984. You'll find his flagship shop in Burlington Arcade. The Selvege Clipper, made in the West Country of England, looks just the job for the beach - nice and sturdy.

What to put in it for the beach? Lets' see...
  • Reimann P20 for the fair British skin
  • Bag of Pistachios
  • Kent Brushes folding pocket comb
  • Bottle of 1 Litre USA mineral water, with its integrated cup
  • Cash for ice creams
  • A couple of H. Upmann junior coronas (tubed)
  • Spare Sunspel Riviera polo
  • Latest copy of Men's File magazine
  • One of the forthcoming Penguin hardback editions of Evelyn Waugh's travel books, possibly Labels
That's it, I'm done. Have I forgotten anything?


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