Truefitt and Hill at Boots the Chemist

The staff members in Boots are always pleasant and conscientious. I was in my local branch the other day and was assisted ably when I couldn't find some mosquito repellent for a forthcoming trip to India. The last time I was in India I'd had no bother from the blighters on the ground, but the Air India plane flying me back to England was full of them and I was bitten like billyo. Taking no chances this time.

Authentic Truefitt
Whilst in Boots I spotted a familiar name - Truefitt and Hill. You may know them from their St James's establishment or maybe one of their franchises. For summer, I enjoy their Freshman and West Indian Limes colognes. Well, Boots now stock a Truefitt and Hill shaving range in modern packaging called Authentic No. 10.

Son of Truefitt
Nice to see it there on the shelves. I don't feel alienated as a traditional customer, nor do I feel the range dilutes the brand. Sensible to have the new range distinct in that respect, as the packaging clearly differentiates it from its classic line of products. I'm sure it will help raise the profile of this redoubtable company.

Actually, I had a feeling of pride for some reason. Not sure where that came from, but it almost felt like seeing the son of Truefitt trying to make his way in the world.


  1. Canuck from The Shaving Room3 June 2011 at 11:37

    Looks great, shaves great, smells funny. Body Shop maca root in new packaging!
    I do actually think the range dilutes the brand just a little, but at least the pricing and outlet choice opens up new avenues.
    Still, great blog, thanks.


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