T M Lewin Take to the Crease - Cricket and Ironing

T M Lewin, a sponsor of the England cricket team, are inviting suggestions on your favourite British tradition. For this, you're in with a chance to win tickets to one of England's matches this summer. H'm, conkers, Henley, afternoon tea, listening to Test Match Special...

You'll likely be aware that T. M. Lewin is the official supplier of England's formal wear for the next three years. To look like an England cricketer, and they look pretty well-dressed in the Lewin kit, you'll need a navy Borough suit from its Red Label collection, a Windsor slim-fit shirt and a panama weave silk tie. As you can see from this picture, they don't skimp on the construction of the suit.

If the only crease you need concern yourself with is the one on your trousers, T. M. Lewin have some advice there too.


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