Take a Seat - James UK

If you're going to be sitting in your study or library pondering on life's major questions, - What was the best episode of Fawlty Towers? What's the best way to fold a pocket square? How to persuade The Smiths to reform? - you'll need a good chair.

The furniture of James UK is British-designed and made. As you'll know from previous posts, this is important to old Tweedy. It's also important for the proprietors of James UK, James Harrison and James Kinmond. By keeping the manufacturing and supply chain local, they can closely control the quality of their products, support British manufacturing and minimise their impact on the environment. This is opposed to the poorly constructed, flimsily-built objects sold in many high street shops.

By way of anecdote, I was looking at a wooden storage chest in a major high street shop this week, and as I opened it the cloth lining fell off. The chest looked reasonable from a distance, but was so shoddily constructed. With the cheap cloth stapled against the patchily stained wooden lid, I was aghast that they dared to sell it. Buy cheap, buy twice.

No such concerns with James UK, and I feel confident that when sitting in the Wingback (pictured) the answers to the above questions would present themselves readily. And plenty more questions for many years to come.


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