Sunspel - At Their Fighting Weight

Our friends at Sunspel have released another short film made by photographer
Alasdair McLellan.

Big Society gesture
The film was shot at Repton Boxing Club in Bethnal Green, East London, and is a mini gem. Each frame is beautifully shot. As well as showing off the Sunspel clothes, the film brings over the history of the boxing club — which was established as a big society gesture by Repton public school in 1884 — and the dedication and loyalty of its boxers.

Like McLellan's last film short for Sunspel, the boxers really do justice to the clothes. They are also so very engaging on-screen, particularly Ryan Pickard, who takes us on a tour of the club and the local greasy spoon cafe.

Unfiltered humanity
The style of the film reminds me of how documentaries used to be, letting the subjects tell the story rather than having a personality narrate and turn the thing into a demeaning soap opera of sound bites and broad-brush characters. The humanity isn't filtered out in the cause of an agenda.

Young Mrs Tweed has watched the film several times now. I never knew she was so interested in boxing.


  1. Charlie Magri.30 June 2017 at 18:12

    Cracking article tweedy.boxing,greasy spoons,things are looking up!
    Are you a fan of the noble art yourself tweedy....?

    1. Thanks and yes, sir. Not the Chalie Magri? Stay tuned for a great book I've just read on boxing.


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