Monday, 23 February 2015

Mystery Swiss Scarf

Hand-Printed Scarf from Switzerland

I have had this mysterious vintage scarf in my collection for a while. I am using it here as a loose winter equivalent of the Cary Grant Riviera scarf teamed with a camel hair sweater from the former Berk of Burlington Arcade (now a name trading online only).

The scarf is of fine wool, but it's as soft as cashmere — so with the camel it makes for a warm and comfortable pairing.

The Case of the Swiss Scarf

Note the hand-printing of the scarf. Lovely. I am not in any way desperate, but I would like to see if there are other such scarves in circulation from the Swiss company that made it. I have seen similar scarves from a defunct (I think) Swiss company called Londonderry. Are they the same? Does anyone have any clues? Can we crack this case like we almost did with Peal shoes?

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