The Best Guy Fawkes Night Celebration

Lewes is the Best Place for the Bonfire Celebrations

Lewes in Sussex, England is the place to be for the best Guy Fawkes Night celebrations.

A previous effigy of Fawkes that was burned in Lewes (above) shows the famous moustache and whiskers you see on those masks made famous in Alan Moore's V for Vendetta.

Effigies of Fawkes and, for equally historic reasons, Pope Paul V are burned in Lewes each year. And some contemporary effigies are generally put into the mix too.

In recent years, fireworks have taken precedence over bonfires in official celebrations of November the 5th in many towns. True of our local event. Nevertheless, we'll be attending with our traditional bag of Dark Chocolate Cinder Toffee (below) from Gorvett and Stone of Henley-on-Thames. But I'd prefer to see a bloody great bonfire - a more earthy and primal spectacle to behold.

Come on local authorities, more torchings please.


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