The Waffle Knit

N.Peal's cashmere offerings are bulking up for winter, as we must. I read somewhere that the Russian navy issued rations of fat to their sailors as a defence against cold on arctic expeditions. Maybe they still do? We have an increasing number of Russian readers. Perhaps they might like to collude with us and let us know?

Thicker cashmere jumpers are an alternative to adding fat to the diet. The N.Peal Chunky Waffle Cashmere Jacket (above) has ample chunk; and the pockets and elbow patches yield instant attraction.
Noggin jogged
My noggin was jogged by the handsome waffle knit to recall the photo (below) taken by the great photographer and documentarian Derek Ridgers in 1978.

Impossible timelessness
Who amongst us would be unwilling to wear those cardigans today? A waffle knit cardigan is a timeless classic. And in beige, we get additional — yet impossible — timelessness. Make sure the collar on the button-down shirt is tall enough to sit well under the cardigan. From the photo, the yellow shirt looks better from a collar and colour perspective.

Qualities of waffling
I would like to tell you some of the qualities of a waffle knit beyond the actual look of it. I wonder if the waffling facilitates heat retention — like seersucker, but in reverse — and air circulation? He that is not aware of his ignorance, will be only misled by his knowledge. I guess we'll never know.

Cosy as hot chocolate with Chartreuse
The N. Peal Chunky Waffle Cashmere Jacket is made from Mongolian cashmere. The one we see here is a brown marl, but a darker brown and a navy blue versions are also available. The suede trims and elbow patches add some nice interest and help protect the stress points. The stand up collar provides added snugness and will hold a nice silk scarf in place. No need to gobble the fat. Wearing this cardigan you'll feel as cosy as a mug of hot chocolate laced with Chartreuse.


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