Padrón Cigars of Miami

If you are looking to acquire a mixed box of cigars from one label to try over the festive season, I've been hearing welcome noises about Padrón Cigars from the landed gentry, top-hatted cabaret singers, gangsters and other cigar smoking archetypes.

Padrón Cigars was started by José Orlando Padrón, who sadly died this week. I can't say I know much about José, but reading his obituaries it seems like he was much loved and will be much missed. Those who walk uprightly enter in peace.
Those who walk uprightly enter in peace
José, whose family was originally from the Canary Islands, left Cuba for Madrid in 1961 and then settled in Miami in the 1970s, opening a cigar factory first in Nicaragua then Honduras and then back in Nicaragua — politics. Pleasingly, Padrón Cigars is still family-owned with headquarters in Miami.

Aston's of Manchester, highly-knowledgeable tobacconists whose shop has the only walk-in humidor in the city, stock the Padrón Cigar Sampler.

The sampler has a full-house of award-wining Padrón cigars, including the 'No.1, No.2 and No.6 from the 1926 Series, an Imperial, Torpedo and Exclusivo from the 1964 Anniversary Series and a 6000 and 4000 from the Padrón Series.'
Hechos a Mano
A sampler is a good way to try a range and establish a favourite model. The cigars in the sampler are constructed entirely from Nicaraguan leaves (binder, wrapper and filler) and look nicely bumpy and hand-made. Padrón cigars are well-regarded for their faultless construction.

The Padrón 1926 Series of maduro cigars was created to celebrate founder Jose Padrón's 75th birthday. The cigars are made from an aged blend — five to ten years — of tobaccos. Maduro refers to the dark wrapper, a result of the fermenting process which typically offers a stronger, spicier flavour than lighter 'natural' wrappers. Padrón grow, age and select their own maduro wrapper. The 1926 cigars are renowned for their even burn (from that excellent construction), which provides a smooth yet complex, sweet yet spicy taste. Recommended with brandy (or grappa and chocolate) after a good meal.

Natural cigars
The Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series is a collection of natural cigars. This collection was created to celebrate the family's 30 years in business. With these cigars you get a rich flavourful super-smooth creamy smoke with hints of coffee and chocolate. The good thing about the 1964 is that they deliver big flavour without inducing unwelcome light-headedness.

To complete the sampler, we have the 'thousands'. The Padrón 6000 (below) is a torpedo-shaped natural cigar, light with a peppery taste and hint of coffee. The Padrón 4000, second from right in the sampler box, is another cigar with a maduro wrapper. This one is positioned as a medium-bodied cigar for a lighter smoke that possesses the spicy qualities of a maduro.

Loving one more than the others
All in all, the sampler has a little of everything. After trying the sampler, you should be acquainted enough with the Padrón house style to be able to pick a favourite. Accept it, you'll always love one child more than the others.


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