Manifold the Wonders of the Seven-Fold Tie

A seven-fold tie is made from a large piece of silk or other material folded seven times to form the shape of a tie. Some say the seven folds make for a better knot; not necessarily a bigger knot, which depends as much on the fabric used and whether the tie is lined to add thickness. A seven-fold tie often doesn't need lining, as the folding provides the thickness. Hand cutting is essential for a patterned seven-fold tie to make sure the pattern is centred.

Joining the Fold
The seven-fold tie takes more time and silk to make, and requires a higher level of care and attention in its production. And that's the point, chiefly. The seven-fold tie nicely exhibits the skills of the artisan tie maker and demonstrates that they haven't skimped on the use of fine materials.
Like origami
That's the simple narrative. Turnbull & Asser describe the whole complicated and impressive shebang with pictures here. The magic is made in the order of the folding, like origami. Just take a look at the amount of silk required in photo below. That's double the amount of  an average tie.

The shape is formed from careful folds, with a hidden slip stitch that is made with a single strong thread running the length of the seam off the back to keep the tie in shape. A slip stitch on any tie is purposely loose to take repeated tying and untying.

Sartorial supremacy
There's no denying the process is impressive, but without wishing to enter the arena of controversy the net result of wearing a seven-fold tie is largely about having that reassuring feeling that you're experiencing sartorial supremacy, the best of breed.
Gilding the lilly
Most people won't see a difference — and that shouldn't matter — but you will feel the difference. Each time you look down, you will know that you're wearing the pinnacle of the tie-makers's art — a seven-folder. (What? Yes, you can find nine-fold and eleven-fold ties. Too much of a good thing might be wonderful, but beyond seven folds and we might be gilding the lilly somewhat.)

Love is the only authority
Turnbull & Asser's seven-fold tie offerings rotate, but you will always find a classic pattern in the current collection that you will love. And love is the only authority.

Here we see the Seven-Fold Black and White Lace Tie, which is made in Kent, England, from silk woven in the delightfully unspoiled county of Suffolk.

And the stealth pleasantness continues. The back of the tie reveals a buttoned bar tack used in the construction.

Tie Making Gen

The 'Tie Man' at Turnbull & Asser, Stuart Hamilton, offloads his experience and provides some useful insights on the construction of a tie in the video below.


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