Foxdenton Christmas Liqueur with Mince Pie

Shortly after discovering that Foxdenton produces a Christmas Liqueur, a bottle magically appeared at Tweed Towers. The Christmas fairy was a suspect, though she denied it. Descending from the top of the Christmas tree, she suggested trying the Christmas Liqueur with a mince pie. Being Christmas, I thought I would try it with Christmas cake too.

Similar to poached pears
Foxdenton's Christmas Liqueur is made from plum gin with added spices, including ginger and cloves. The spices are similar to those used to make poached pears. I'm not sure exactly what they might be, but they work jolly nicely.

You might not be convinced of the Christmas fairy's suggestion to pair with Christmas sweetmeats, but they say the liqueur can be served anytime and it actually worked rather nicely.
Lovely waft
I got a lovely waft of cherry when opening the bottle. The taste was nicely balanced between fruit and spice, just like the mince pie, and pleasantly warmed by the ginger. Delicious. A worthy contender as a digestif on Christmas Day. I would actually consider using it as an apéritif, but then I wouldn't know where to fit the sherry.


  1. Sounds delicious. A shame they don't ship to my side of the pond. Although gin is on the upsurge here, other than sloe gin, we don't get many of the interesting flavored styles you lot enjoy. I'll just have to settle for my usual holiday tipple of Drambuie. Holiday cheers Tweedy!

    1. Cheers to you, Bradley. I do enjoy the occasional Drambuie. Merry Christmas!


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