Cherchbi - in Affectionate Remembrance

It was with genuine sadness that we heard of the closure of Cherchbi. In 2007 Adam Atkinson began the heroic process of producing bags and accessories that drew 'inspiration from Britain’s creative, cultural and manufacturing heritage' — fully endorsed by The Tweed Pig. Using wool from the ancient Herdwick sheep, Cherchbi's products were entirely British in materials and manufacture.

Adam has decided he would rather close the business than compromise his principles by switching manufacturing overseas or inflating prices to rarefied levels. The man has fine principles. We wish Adam well with his bag and accessory design consultancy.
Vocal in our care and defence
This is a loss, but not a defeat. For those of us who cherish the best of British design and manufacturing, we must step up our vigilance. If we wish to continue to have access to classic British men's clothing and accessories that are built to last, where the best materials and techniques are engaged without compromise, we must become more vocal in our care and defence. This requires heretical thinking to challenge the high street fashion-media-complex who conspire to persuade us that replacing colossally-mass-produced tat on a weekly basis is a good thing.

Can I help?
If you are a small British business producing something you think I would like, get in touch. I'll do what I can to help.


  1. I know that "American Made" / "Made in USA" often means made by illegal immigrants in the US. What does "British Made" mean?

    1. Interesting point Anon. We need more scrutiny. Best wishes, Tweedy.


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