Scabal Tie Collection

Our v. dear chums at Rampley & Co have teamed with Scabal to create a collection of ties in wool and cashmere Scabal fabrics.

Choose your ending
One thing I like about this collection is that you can choose the finish for the tie: self-tipped or hand-rolled.

Of the blue tie above, here's the self-tipped finish:

And here's the hand-rolled finish:

Nothing too rococo
It's great to have the options for a tie's finish, and a good way for Rampley to gauge what people are looking for in a tie. For wool ties, I suspect the hand-rolled will be more popular. Would anyone be seeking decorative tipping? I like to see a bit of tattersall backing country ties, but nothing too rococo.

Elective affinities
The Scabal tie collection has plain and patterned ties. From an inspecting gaze at the patterned, I spied the Grey and Pink Check Wool Tie (below), which is made from a stunning Scabal fabric with subtle pink lines and contrasting green, purple and brown cross hatching. A lovely check. Rampley suggests a natural affinity when worn with a charcoal or navy jacket.


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