Fisherman Out Of Ireland Jumpers

The slightly mystical Fisherman Out of Ireland makes knitwear in Kilcar, near to the majestic Bunglass sea cliffs in County Donegal, Ireland. Don't be misled by the name — the sweaters are neither made by fishermen nor intended only for fishermen. You're so literal sometimes.

Slightly mystical
Fisherman Out of Ireland is a small operation staffed by locals. The average length of employment of the staff is over twenty years. Locals who live near each other, know each other and have worked together for a generation. They must have a lovely working atmosphere. A family atmosphere. Is it possible to instil that kind of loyalty and character within a company that thinks only of profit and uses low-paid contract and temporary workers from all over the world?
Spoke with Maureen
Fisherman Out of Ireland makes classic Irish sweaters in traditional styles but with a modern fit. I spoke with dear Maureen from Fisherman Out of Ireland to inquire about the Donegal sweaters for you. They make them in fourteen Donegal yarns of merino wool with varying hues and flecks.

If you like toggles on a sweater, they have the FDZ23M Donegal. Here we see it in the 198 Blackstone flecked Donegal yarn.

From the Donegal yarns available, 183 Wildflowers and 197 Burren might appeal. They have the classic Donegal multi-coloured flecks.

Imagine with shirt
Here we see the FD13M, a crew neck sweater in the 199 Yellowstone yarn. I'm mentally putting a shirt underneath and a jacket on top. I can't wear sweaters without a shirt collar sticking out, as you know. Our model here would suit a Valentino-style slick-back hairstyle with those dark Irish locks. Wonderfully conditioned hair and it has to be the longest we've featured on The Tweed Pig.

Stitch conjecture
Fisherman Out of Ireland also makes Aran jumpers. They rightly steer clear of what the patterns of the stitches are said to represent, but the conjecture will not be without interest to the average reader:

  • Cable - fishing rope
  • Diamond - field
  • Honeycomb - bee/industry/godliness
  • Trellis - wall/wealth
  • Ladder/Tree of Life - God/Trinity

The Aran style is available in classic off-white yarn or in Donegal yarns. (I have an Aran in a fuchsia colour, which I must document some time. I know what you're thinking, but it works very well under sober tweeds.)

Finally, we see the FC143A, a cable knit crew neck sweater in merino wool with a dash of cashmere. I like the neck on this one. Very shirt friendly. They do it in a duck egg-coloured yarn, which would look nice under a navy blazer. This might be my favourite Fisherman Out of Ireland sweater, this week.

Knit tightly
Situated on the edge of Europe, as they say, let's hope that Fisherman Out of Ireland remains tight-knit and knit tightly for our pleasure for years to come.

Molann an obair an fear


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