The Regal Peacock

Burleigh Pottery, based in Stoke-on-Trent, England, introduces a new colour for their classic Regal Peacock pattern. Regal Peacock crockery is now available in black.

Each earthenware piece made by Burleigh is decorated by hand using Burleigh's 'centuries-old technique of tissue transfer printing from hand-engraved copper rollers'. Here we see the rather delightful Black Regal Peacock Cow Creamer. I would call this piece a compulsory purchase. If Miss Marple or Lady Sitwell call round for a cup of tea and a slice of Battenberg, they'll be mightily impressed. As they should be.

But it's no use having a creamer without a tea cup, right? With the Black Regal Peacock Teacup Gift Set you get a tea cup, saucer and cake plate.

But hang on, you'll need a teapot to brew your tea. Oh, never mind. Take some time to browse the collection and then just get the jolly lot.


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