Penelope Cream - Hand-Knitted British Ties

Knit One, Grab One

Penelope Cream of London, creates hand-knitted ties from hand-dyed wool. The nature of the wool selection and knitting process results in something rather original, and as far away from the look and feel of a mass produced tie as can be possible  — as big as the gulf between a hand tied bow tie and a clip on bow tie, say.

When you wear one of these ties it looks unmistakably hand made. Fortunately for Penelope, her devotion to such intensive craftsmanship also means a factory in Hangzhou would not be able to replicate these ties in their millions. I mean, just look closely at the pattern and knobbly knitted texture here:

Above we see the Ripplesnake Grey tie, with colours that mimic the grey and green shades of a snake against a rock, I believe. Below we have the Deep Ochre Moss, inspired, they say, by the colours of moss against a stone wall. All ties have a shot silk lining at the neck. The ties have a relaxed, natural look that will look smashing with that tweed jacket of yours.

Penelope also takes commissions for bespoke ties if you are feeling inspired. Perhaps you could take a photo of something that has colours that appeal and work from that. A pebbly beach would throw up some nice shades. You could make a day of your 'tie colour hunt' — take a coffee and brandy decanter and a couple of pork pies, visit a local National Trust property. Perhaps you could stay at a nice little hotel.


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