Christmas Cigar Strategy - Montecristo

Montecristo and Mince Pies

I said to my usual cigar lady that I wanted to tuck away something a bit special for Christmas. The cigar had to work with brandy, coffee and mince pies whilst sitting out what remained of Christmas Day listening to ghost stories in a semi-sleepy state and unable to budge because of the day's gluttony; and also out of doors whilst tearing up losing betting slips at a Boxing Day race meeting.

She pondered for a moment, and then opened up the walk-in humidors of her shop, training a gimlet eye on Montecristo's Open range of cigars. She knows I don't like to be knocked out by a cigar. I don't mind a bit of bite, perhaps a slight punch in the face, but I want to enjoy the experience not endure it, and usually with accompaniment. Montecristo's Open range is intended to introduce a lighter, more contemporary alternative to their stronger offerings, but with the same attention to construction and materials the brand is famous for. The range is identified by a second green band on the cigar. The brand and the range piqued my interest. I knew their Mini well — Fritz Lang's M and the Montecristo Mini — but could certainly devote time to something a bit more substantial over Christmas.

The cigar lady suggested the torpedo-shaped Open Regata, a medium-strength cigar. The size (46 gauge) is similar to Montecristo's famous No. 2, and aims to provide half an hour of clean burn, effortless drawing and lightly Cuban sweet spice and wood flavours. I took a couple and they have been resting in the humidor ready for their moment. Their moment has come.


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