Tweed Pin-Up - David Adams

David Adams - Tailor

This is a sort of pin-up offering in absentia. I was in touch with David Adams, then out of touch, then lost touch.

During the 'in touch' period David supplied the photo above, I think. I have it anyway and with that fabulous moustache it was always going to be used. David was in the process of setting up his Quirkessential label offering hand-made accessories and bespoke tailoring. Quirkessential, I am pleased to report, is up-and-running.

More Dandier than Ever

David said at the time: 'I am working all manner of hours towards the goal of giving David Adams Quirkessential Tailoring a complete make over, and it is becoming better and more dandier than ever!'

Then the communications dried up and I've been sitting on the paltry information I have. Hopefully, we can come full circle with this post and I can provide more gen on David's activities.

From Quirkessential's accessories range, might I steer your gaze towards the British-made reversible self-tie bow tie with suiting fabric on the front and liberty print on the reverse, which can give four different combinations. Effectively, you get four bow ties in one.


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