Gregory Peck and Huntsman

Peck Fond of Huntsman

Did you know that Gregory Peck was a big fan of Huntsman? He patronised the famous Savile Row tailor over five decades, ordering over 160 pieces.

Here he is stepping out of Huntsman sometime in those five decades:

Gregory was partial to the house tweeds in particular. Some of his suits were exhibited at Huntsman and served to inspire a recent collection.

Speaking of particular, Gregory would never be seen in denim. Nor could we picture him in denim. He doesn't look the type. His son Anthony thought otherwise. He once bought his father a pair, thinking he would be filling a gap in his father's wardrobe. Somewhat predictably, the jeans never saw the light of day. What are your thoughts on denim? Do you follow the Peck code? Personally, as a material I find denim too cold in winter and too hot in summer. It is hard wearing though, you have to give it that.


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